'Shelly was a literal angel in my life and in the life of my cat Jupiter. I highly recommend her services and care. She is kind, professional and utterly committed to cats and what they need. Whenever I would marvel at her abilities, she would humbly say; "I'm all about the kitties." '
       -Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy http://www.planetsark.com

"As a veterinarian and a friend, I feel extremely confident in recommending Shelly and Tales of the Kitty. She is caring and very experienced, with superb judgment when it comes to the health and well-being of cats. I have had the pleasure of joining her on some visits and found her to be thorough and respectful of clients homes and personal spaces. Most importantly, she loves the kitties, treating them as though her own -- understanding their individual needs (and wants). Shelly also doesn't hesitate to call me if she has any pressing concerns about a kitty's health. Once you meet Shelly, you will understand what I mean and you will also know that she has impressed her high standards on the other kitty caretakers in her company. And if you're not in a neighborhood serviced by TOTK, Shelly can personally recommend alternatives.  Tales of the Kitty is the way to go when looking for the best in kitty care in San Francisco."
       -Sandy Hazanow, DVM

"Larry and I have utilized the services of Shelly Ross (Tales of the Kitty) and her partner, Nicole Berlureau, for the past 8 years and are totally thrilled with our experience. We have 2 kitties, Max, very much older but just wonderful (he's the Lick This cover kitty in the Gallery of Photos!) and Jake, beautiful but "untouchable". In the past, we have traveled on a regular basis every 2 months to the East coast for a week at a time & have also taken longer trips (2 to 3 weeks) for our annual vacations. On all of these occasions, not only have Shelly and Nicole taken wonderful care of our kitties, but have dealt with all the necessary issues related to our being away from our home. We feel totally comfortable with Max and Jake in their care, they provide us with very good advice regarding any questions that come up, they give great feedback after each of our trips, and we know that they can deal with any emergency that might arise (fortunately there have been none!). We find them to be loving and dedicated care givers for our 2 kitties."
       -Bea and Larry Sikon

"Shelly and Tales of the Kitty have saved my day more times than I can count. She is now more than a pet sitter, I am proud to be able to call her my friend as well. Tales of the Kitty have been taking care of my (originally) three fur muffins now for ~6 years, through various diseases, medications and traumas, giving the best medical care and love there is around. I can't recommend Shelly and Tales of the Kitty highly enough."

       -Kerry Hughes and Trogg (GA Carmuff and Gizmo)

"Of all the pet caregivers you'll come across, Tales of Kitty are the absolute best. I'm quite sure they were cats in their former lives. They are caring, playful and attentive with our two cats, Miyu and Lolo. But even more, we've found Shelly and her team to be consummate professionals who are trustworthy, and possess a deep empathy for both cats and owners alike. Last year, they went well above the call of duty for myself and my husband. When we suddenly had to go east to attend to a family emergency, the Tales of Kitty team not only cared for our two little ones, but they also helped us with gathering some personal documents from our home. Despite the stressful situation, we were able to rest assured that Miyu and Lolo were in very good hands during our absence."
       -Emelia Rallapalli

"Nicole has been cat sitting for us for almost 2 years. We rely on her to take care of our little prince, Gizmo. Nicole just loves Gizmo and has been taking care of him since he was a kitten. She is thoughtful about sending us an email or text message after her first day of cat sitting to let us know he is doing. When we return from our trips, we often find Nicole has left us with a new cat toy or fun treat. I couldn't be more pleased with the service provided by Tales of the Kitty - Nicole's approach is professional and reliable - and we leave on trips confident that our little kitty is in good hands."
       - Colleen Varley

"Our cat, Noodles, loves Tales of The Kitty and so do we. We have been working with Nicole and Shelly for almost a year now and we are very happy with their service. Last year we were planning on a trip abroad for three weeks and were reluctant to send Noodles to a cat boarding facility, so we searched online and came across Tales of The Kitty. The first time we met Nicole, we were really impressed by her and the services she offered. Not only did she ask about Noodles' diet and habits, she also offered to bring in our mail while we're away as well as to take care of our plants. While we were travelling, we received frequent email updates as well as pictures of Noodles. It was better peace of mind than we could have imagined when it came to having Noodles taken care of. When we came back from our trip, Noodles was happy and healthy, our mail was piled up neatly in the kitchen and our plants were alive and well. We highly recommend Tales of The Kitty and we have been using their service more often now, especially during the holidays. Thank you Nicole and Shelly! And Noodles thanks you for the catnip blanket as well. "
       - Natalia and Kevin

"Tales of the Kitty is a blessing. I have worked with Shelly for many years and I couldn’t feel more comfortable leaving my kitties in her care. She is attentive and communicates with you while you are away. She even went as far as to send me pictures via email when I was gone for a long time. Shelly and team love what they do and it shows. My kitties adore her."
       - Jennifer Griffith

"As a fellow pet sitter, and Registered Veterinary Technician, I must say, Shelly is the best cat sitter I have ever met. Her attention to detail, and genuine love for cat's amazes me. She is a true professional, and anytime I have a kitty sitting question, she is my go to girl!"
       - Cheryl Dickerson R.V.T

"Tales of the Kitty has been taking care of our kitties for years. With infinite kindness, Shelly helped us get through the last several months of our beloved first and top cat's life and has continued to cope as new additions to the herd seem to find us. We especially appreciate her and Nicole's commitment to working with the complications of older kitties (meds, fluids, etc.) and also their zest for seeing each cat as an individual personality. They are not just making the rounds--they really like cats. I can't recommend them highly enough and the fact that they will move your car for streetcleaning or lug your garbage cans to the curb is just icing on the cake."
       - Jeannene, Eric and Isabella

"Nicole has looked after Billy and Smokey a few times now, and she's always the first person we call when we book a holiday or a weekend away. In England, the boys usually went to a boarding cattery while we were away, but we were less keen to do that, here. So a quick search on Yelp (where else?) referred us to Tales of the Kitty and we haven't looked back.

Whenever Nicole has looked after Billy and Smokey, she's sent us regular updates, pictures, and even brought a present for the boys. It's obvious that she genuinely likes them, and we feel completely confident that they will be fed, cleaned and fussed while we're away. Nicole is brilliant, and I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone. Cats like routine and familiarity, and Nicole and Tales of the Kitty allows them to experience both, without us worrying about them. Thanks, Nicole! "
       - Roz and Clive Watson


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