Giving Tuesday – Idil and The Humane Society

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Idil became involved with The Humane Society when she volunteered to collect signatures for California Propositions 2 and 12, which brought sweeping reforms of how egg-laying chickens, mother pigs and baby veal calves are treated in California. Both propositions ultimately passed with over 60 percent of the votes. As a result, California set into law minimum humane, health and safety standards for eggs, pork and veal raised and sold in the state, and now has the strongest laws in the world addressing the cruelty of farm animal confinement.

“I mostly collected signatures at large outdoor events at the Civic Center and city parks. Some people thought we were getting paid so they weren’t very friendly, but once they understood that we were volunteering for the Humane Society their attitudes changed completely. And the majority of the people in San Francisco were very open to signing once they had a chance to hear what it was for. 

“The biggest objection I heard was that the propositions would increase the price of meat and eggs. But this was assuming that people wouldn’t be willing to pay more for humanely raised food. Over 60 percent “yes” votes is proof that they are.

“When I was collecting signatures, I was impressed by how dedicated the volunteers were. I was mostly volunteering on the weekends, but some people were collecting signatures every day after their full-time jobs, that’s how much they cared about the welfare of these animals. I respect the Humane Society for its leadership role in getting these laws on the books.”

Alarmingly, the meat industry has currently filed three separate lawsuits trying to overturn Prop 12, and the fight to alleviate animal suffering continues. That’s why Idil chose The Humane Society as the recipient of her Tales of the Kitty donation. “No being should be treated cruelly and exist in agony. We must show compassion to all animals, including factory farm animals.”

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