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Veggie gnocchi was the entree of choice for humans served at the sold-out Petchitecture Gala in the plush Venetian Room at the Fairmont hotel in San Francisco. A few of our crew, Áine, Shivaun and Laura, were there representing Tales of the Kitty. Circulating around us, beloved canine companions and adoptable dogs still hoping for forever homes accepted treats for good behavior. Not usually known as party animals, there were even a couple of cats.

Champagne and conversation sparkled. “This is always such a fun event!” remarked more than one cocktail-attired attendee. And how could it not be, in a glamorous room populated with animals and their advocates brought together with one goal: to help pets and people stay together.

Pronounced “pet-chi-tec-ture” the popular annual event benefits PAWS (Pets Are Wonderful Support). An arm of the Shanti Project, PAWS provides free pet care supplies and services to help older adults and people living with illness or disability care for their animal companions. A mash-up of pets + architecture, The American Institute of Architects (AIA) hosted the first Petchitecture in 1995.

As galas go, Petchitecture has some unique features. One is an auction showcasing distinctive and ingenious pet furniture and habitats. Also, animals are invited! VIP (Very Important Pet) guests at the first Petchitecture included former mayor Frank Jordan’s cats, Snowy and Blizzard.

At this year’s Petchitecture, Muttville founder Sherri Franklin was presented with the Dede Wilsey Champion of the Human-Animal Bond Award. Sherri founded the rescue organization in 2007 to save the lives of older and special needs dogs that were considered “unadoptable” and routinely euthanized in area shelters. Two of those dogs, Sammie and MissT, found their forever homes with Tales of the Kitty manager Áine.

Tales of the Kitty has partnered with PAWS and the Shanti Project to provide in-home cat care. TOTK business owner Shelly is happy with the arrangement. “I’ll never forget my first visit to a PAWS client. It was to trim a cat’s nails. The woman was so kind and grateful that she refused to let me leave without accepting a small bag of candy.”

With PAWS as the cause, Áine, Shivaun and Laura were delighted to be invited to the fabulous and uplifting Petchitecture event. All of us at TOTK are proud to be a small part of the big beautiful picture that is Shanti, celebrating 50 years in 2024! Shanti believes that meaningful relationships are essential for navigating life’s most difficult challenges—be that bond with an individual, a community or a pet. In other words, love heals.

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