Frequently Asked Questions

We love to connect with potential new cat people so fill out our contact form (pro tip: be sure to include your cross streets!). Pending availability, we will request that you complete a client profile. If you are feeling extra motivated, you can get a jump on that part by using this link. Then we will coordinate with you to schedule a complimentary meeting with your primary sitter. This gives us the opportunity to learn your cats routine as well as collect information regarding the care of your pet and home. It also gives you and your pets a chance to meet and become comfortable with us. We understand that cats are not one size fits all and it’s important to us to understand what works best for yours. There is no charge for this meeting.

Visits are a minimum of 30 minutes in length. The basics (food, water and litter) only take a few minutes. The rest of the time is spent doing what makes this more than a job: entertaining and cuddling kitties.

Yes, we provide a journal update through our software for every visit. Please know that no matter what, if anything is found amiss in your home or with your pets you will be notified immediately.

While we assign a primary sitter, we do not guarantee the same sitter each time you book services.  None of our employees work seven days a week; therefore, depending on the length of your trip it is possible several different sitters will care for your cat.  We work in teams and communicate often with each other, so all information is passed on to each sitter caring for your pets. We update your information in our pet sitting software as well. We believe it is important for more than one person to be familiar with your pet and home to ensure continuity of care when your primary sitter is unavailable.

Absolutely! We are happy to arrange for you to meet any other sitter assigned to visit your pets.  The initial meeting is complimentary however any additional meetings you request are charged at our regular visit rate.  If this is a critical need for you, we may not be a good fit for you. You may want to look for solo sitter with back-up sitters in case of an emergency. We encourage you to inspect insurance, bonding and background check those you are interviewing.

One set is kept by your primary sitter, the other is kept on file in our office in case of emergency.  We understand that providing two sets of keys is not always possible. We have several key-drop locations if you need to drop off your keys.

Most clients prefer to leave their keys on file with us. We understand that for some this is not possible. If special arrangements must be made to for us to pick up or return keys, a charge equivalent to one visit will apply. One benefit of leaving keys on file with us is if necessary we can provide lock-out service. We have several key-drop locations, please contact us for more information.

Visits typically occur in the morning and afternoon. Early morning and evening visits are reserved for pets with medical or dietary requirements. We ask that if you schedule a visit for the day you are leaving/returning that you let us know your expected departure/arrival times. If we arrive before you leave or after you return home and you have not provided us with that information, you will be charged for that visit.

We are experienced with administration of most medications:  subcutaneous fluids, insulin shots, oral and topical medications, asthma inhalers.  Of course, our success is dependent on your cats temperament.  We do not charge additional fees for administration of medication.  For new clients we recommend a trial run prior to your departure.  Regular rates apply to this visit.

Once you become a client you may schedule visits via our software, a phone call or via email. The more notice you give us, the better; however we do our best to accommodate all requests. There is a 48-hour cut off to schedule, change, or cancel services through our software. In this instance you will need to contact us directly at

Shelly was one of those people locked in a server room at the turn of the century, waiting for the big Y2K disaster. She made the decision, early on, to limit the size of Tales of the Kitty’s service area so that, if necessary, we can reach all pets on foot. Be assured that if there is an earthquake or other disaster we will get to your pet and, if necessary, find alternate housing for them. Please contact us if you would like more information.

The more notice you provide, the better however we understand that last minute travel is sometimes unavoidable and that last minute opportunities present themselves. In such instances we will do everything possible to accommodate your request.

Please let us know as soon as possible. For cancellations made more than 24 hours in advance there is no charge. Cancellations made with less than 24-hours notice may be assessed a charge equal to one visit. During the following holidays: Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year, seven days notice is required to avoid a cancellation charge.

We are insured through Travelers and bonded through Mourer Foster.  Our employees are covered by Workers Compensation through Travelers.

We have relationships with several local locksmiths.  Please be assured we will gain entry to your home.

Let us know as soon as possible and we will continue visits until you return.

If your pet needs immediate attention we will contact your vet and if they are available we will take your pet to them. If your vet is unavailable we will take them to an emergency vet. If it does not appear that your pet needs immediate assistance but they are not quite “right” we are fortunate to have personal relationships with several local vets and are able to contact them for advice.